Olympic National Park offers such amazing diversity of life and terrain. My favorite part was Ruby Beach, which we visited at low tide. The star fish, sea anemones, and other sea life clinging to the monoliths fascinated us.


We enjoyed the Quinault Rain Forest, camping on the Quinault River. Huge trees, with especially fine examples of nurse trees, captured our attention. Our campground had massive blackberry bushes, so I made cobbler. We picked and froze the excess that we couldn’t finish off on cereal.


Also inspiring were the views from Hurricane Ridge. You could see glaciers in the distant wilderness.

We stayed at Kitsap State Park on the Hood Canal, only three miles away from old friends from Tallahassee, Tom and Claire DeBor. What a joy to reconnect with these friends who relocated about as far away in the continental U.S. as possible–but we found them anyway! Claire’s garden is as gorgeous as any of the famous botanical ones we toured on the way out there.