What a perfect place to camp! We could hike over a huge dune to a wide, wide beach that was surprisingly unpeopled, especially in the mornings, considering how many campers there were. Dogs are allowed on all Oregon beaches and Lucca had a blast running wild on the sand. I swear he grinned from one Yoda-ear to the other the whole time. A quick burst from the handheld showerhead rinsed him off back at the RV.

The campground even has a section for equestrians and a strip to land small airplanes. We saw horses on the beach one morning but didn’t notice any planes landing. This is the first place on this trip that John started talking about returning to for a longer stay. For a little while, he even sat outside without complaining about how cold it was!  We drove to nearby Rockaway and Cannon Beaches to see the monoliths (big rocks) sticking up out of the ocean. One aspect I especially liked about Nehalem was looking from the beach back toward land, where mountains framed the vista. All in all, an excellent experience.