Our Silverton RV Park’s location next to the Oregon Garden and proximity to Silver Falls State Park made it ideal for exploring the Willamette Valley. The Oregon Garden boasts over ten thousand flowers. We rode a tram through the many areas of garden “rooms.” Silver Falls State Park is known for its Trail of Ten Waterfalls. We only hiked out to one of them, and it was amazing. The hillside near South Falls was covered with dusky rose foxgloves. And we were able to walk behind the falls–how cool is that?


We visited a winery, which had gorgeous views of vine-covered hillsides, but we didn’t participate in their tasting. We learned that local wineries all charged high tasting fees. We have never visited a winery without purchasing at least one bottle of wine. Until now.The high fee seemed like Costco or Publix offering samples of food they were trying to get you to buy–and wanting you to pay more per ounce for the sample than you would if you bought the whole package. I’d rather buy a full glass of Oregon wine at a local restaurant or better yet, a bottle at the package store.