Dunes over 500 feet tall–we had no idea such towering sand cliffs existed, but at Winchester Bay we were right in the heart of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. ATV and dune buggy drivers looked like they were having a blast climbing the dunes and sliding down. We also visited the Sea Lion caves in nearby Florence and saw elk herds a few minutes away at Dean Creek. At first we thought the all-male herd was an anomaly, but it turns out the gals kick the guys out (except for one lucky fella–we spotted him with the girls–he looked happy) and the outcasts form their own bachelor herd. How weird is that? The beach was super-wide and long and almost deserted near us, an invitation to long walks. Piles of driftwood far more extensive than anything similar in Florida, the result of “sneaker waves.” We had a fabulous and restful time at Winchester Bay RV Resort. Great walking and bike paths gave us, Lucca included, good exercise.


Sunrise in the marina in front of our RV

Sea Lion Cave
Sea Lion Cave


Sea lion rookery

Elk herd
Elk herd
Harbour art
Harbor art
Oregon Dunes National Rec Area
Oregon Dunes National Rec Area–100 foot high dune with ATVs on it.


The Pacific Ocean near Salmon Harbour
The Pacific Ocean near Salmon Harbor