No RV trip would be complete for us without a tow truck, and we got our towing adventure out of the way early in Bells, Texas.

We visited Bells, just northeast of Dallas, to reconnect with Jim Snelling. Jim moved to Tallahassee on the same day we did 32 years ago. He and John worked (using the term loosely) at the same tiny computer computer back in the days of floppy disks. We liked him immediately and immensely. Unfortunately, Jim didn’t stay in Tallahassee many years. After he left, we met up once in New Orleans and otherwise stayed in touch by Christmas cards. For years we said we were going to get together again, and this summer we finally did.

Jim and his wife Linda bought a 28-acre ranch the month before our visit–and still invited us to park the RV in their driveway. We were a bit nervous because flash floods were reported across northeast and central Texas due to days of near constant rain. As we navigated the one-lane country roads toward their ranch, we held our breath, but by golly, we made it into their driveway without incident. After quick hugs, the guys decided John should turn the RV around. Big mistake. Within minutes, the RV was stuck sideways across their gravel driveway, mired in soft grass. Hence, the tow truck. Actually two of them. The first guy wasn’t sure he could do the job and called a colleague to assess the situation. “No problem,” the new guy said. “You can do it.” The first tow jerked our monster machine back onto the gravel. With more rain predicted, the next morning John backed the RV out of that driveway onto the one-lane road and we found an RV park in a nearby town.

With that excitement out of the way, we were able to enjoy the Snellings’ hospitality and friendship for several days. What a joy to reconnect with Jim, one of the nicest guys in the world, and meet his wife Linda, who is equally amiable and felt like a friend from that first hug. She obviously adores “Jimmy” and we were delighted that they’d found each other twenty-some years ago. They also make the best Belgian waffles I’ve ever had in my life. (Secret ingredient: buttermilk) The guys went fishing in one of the ponds and we all just talked and talked and tried to catch up on missing years, and plans and dreams for the years ahead.