Lafayette/Breaux Bridge, May 29-31

Tasty food, an unexpectedly gorgeous cathedral, one of the largest live oaks in the US, a pleasant RV park where the owners care enough to plant a lovely sitting garden with gliders, and two recreated villages to preserve the rich cultural history of the Cajun people–what more could you ask for?

My junior high English teacher, Miss Shetter, made us read Longfellow’s “Evangeline,” and I probably pretended with my classmates to hate it. But I’ve always been a sucker for mushy love stories and reread the poem just prior to our trip to Evangeline country. For years I’ve wanted to visit this area to learn more about the exodus from Canada to Louisiana. It was all interesting, but I preferred Vermilionville over Acadian Village because they had costumed docents. We also visited the Acadian Cultural Center, a National Park site.