A garden is a lot like a human life: it’s always a work in progress, not quite the same today as it was yesterday, definitely not the same as it was ten years ago. Yet each stage brings its own joy.

This morning I deadheaded the last of my amaryllis blooms and golden sedum and uprooted my annual poppies, making certain to save plenty of seeds for next year and to share with friends. It’s sad to see those flowers gone, but the lacecap hydrangeas, David Austen and fairy roses, red shrimp plants, Cuphea Firecrackers, and Blue Danube asters now fill the garden with color, while the Confederate Jasmine fill it with fragrance. My favorite flower is the one that is blooming right now.

My blog will soon be looking at a different sort of progression. My husband and I plan to travel across the US visiting cities and national parks along the way. Part of my plan is to visit gardens and see what is growing in different locales. My hope is that we, too, will grow along the way (but hopefully not our waistlines!)